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Raimondi's History

I am very pleased and honored to look back over the years and see that three generations of Raimondi’s have guided the company from humble beginnings by my Grandfather who opened a small Italian/American grocery store in 1934 in the Park Heights neighborhood of Baltimore City, selling flowers out of buckets to my parents advancing the business to fruit baskets, gourmet gifts and a full service florist.

Started by Constantino Raimondi an Italian immigrant, then taken over by Paul Raimondi Sr. in the mid 1940’s to the late 1950’s when Paul Raimondi Jr. came into the business as a teenager, and present owner of the Company alongside his business partner Marie Gaydos who has been with the company since 1987.

Constantino Raimondi was the founder of our Company. He started Raimondi’s as a local grocery store in Baltimore City after coming to this country from Italy. Over the years the small local Italian/ American grocery store in the Park Heights neighborhood started to grow. His son Paul Sr. grew up in the shop and then started to work alongside his father as teenager, he then met a beautiful woman named Stella Arpin, and married. We all knew her as the Matriarch of Raimondi’s Florist. Together Paul Sr. and Stella Raimondi worked side by side growing Raimondi’s Florist. The two of them stayed very involved in the floral industry until they both retired in 1985. Paul Sr. later passed away in 2003. Even after retirement Mrs. Stella couldn’t stay away, she continued to come into the shop a few days a week answering the phones, working on the mailing and bringing the employees bagels for breakfast up until her sudden passing in 2009.

Paul Jr. the third generation worked in the shop just like his father did, started at the bottom and worked his way all the way to the top and had a very big part in introducing more of the Floral sales to the shop in the late 1950’s. He was the General Manager of operations for all locations. In 1979 Paul Jr. married his wife Charlene Mundis, she also worked alongside Paul Jr. at the corporate office for many years.

After Paul Sr. and Stella’s retirement in 1985 Paul Jr. took over full control of Raimondi’s Florist and expanded the company with multiple branch stores and the success that it is today.

We are now one of Maryland’s largest florist with 6 locations to serve you.

The Raimondi family still runs the business along with a very hard working dedicated staff.

The company purchased The Sweet Treats Candy Company in 1995 to expand our product line into fine chocolates, candies and nuts.

In 2009 we were one of the first florist in the area to introduce and carry Fresh Baked Goods alongside our Fresh Flowers and Fine Chocolates that can all be delivered to your front door, purchased online or picked up and purchased at three of our branch stores with Bakery’s in them.

The Raimondi family and the entire staff recognize that we could not have grown to the size or achieve what we have without the loyal customers that continue to support us throughout all these years.

Our promise to you is that we will continue to serve you in the professional manner you’ve come to expect from us.